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Concerning our website and all the shopping made, you need to know your returns policies.

Retail outlet must operate under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 which give you rights when it comes to returning goods.

Though some shops will tell their customers that they’ve their company policies in relation to returns and cash back guarantees, other than with those shops working under their 'policies', how can we ascertain if we, as the customer are being treated reasonably and within the law?

The number of shops will decline to give a refund and present a credit note instead of some situation, or they’ll tell you that you can’t return items that are in a sale, particularly clothes stores but then other stores will accept returned sale items together with a receipt. The Law is clear, but does not cover every circumstance and, therefore, contradictory policies can be very confusing and other times intimidating. Nonetheless even with these return policies customers have obligations as well, such as returning in original wrapping and good quality.

It is suggested that customers all the time check their receipts for these policies for each store. Always ask the store if you are purchasing it as a gift and verify the process of returning by the recipient ought to it be necessary.

Some stores may not give the money back; they might only offer a credit note. Stores are permitted to do this if the customer has altered their mind or bought an item in the mistaken size or if they wish to take back an unwanted gift. Other than these cases, there is no routine right to return goods.

However, when a commodity is faulty or not as described, the buyer is then entitled to a refund, repair, replacement, and/or reimbursement for any items bought under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. There’re exceptions which apply to goods that are purchased by mail order or online internet and products which are sold for the period of a visit to a customer’s home, with additional exceptions apply to the type of goods. But the time limit for the return of the goods isn’t defined in the Act.

So what can you do to make sure that you’re being treated fairly? Knowing of your rights as a customer, of course, helps. Some stores are astonished if their clients are acquainted with their rights under the Law or particulars of the stores returns policy.

When purchasing goods, whatever they’re, always ask the store assistant what the returns policy is if there are any problems.

Always make sure the details on your receipt, which you must keep, before departure the store and by no means be worried about asking questions, it is your right as a consumer to do so.

If you’re buying a gift and the store has no comprehensible policy on the return of donations, make them to notice the receipt to the cause that the beneficiary can return it for exchange, a refund or credit note, whichever is acceptable to you as the buyer. Always tell the store that you’re buying the item as a gift.

Many owners of online store worldwide including digital cameras are very particular concerning return and refund policies. They’ve every right to be alarmed about this aspect because they’re spending their money to buy these expensive and advanced gadgets for their personal use.

Many stores differ in the return policies they employ. Most vary in the requirements for returning goods and other related accessories. One part is the period permitted to have the item replaced or refunded. Several stores require shorter days for instance from 10 to only 14 days to parcels order items while the others may allow up to thirty days of receipt of the product.

Wherever refunds are requested, some charge a 15 restocking fee as it can be higher up to 20 to 25 percent for the other stores around the world. The charging of restocking fee isn’t limited to only refunds but can be for returned items as well. Still, there are also stores that accept return articles and switch it with a new one but they might not allow a refund particularly for individual international shipments and electronic gadgets. Additionally, some stores require that customers first get a returned product authorization number prior to having their item replaced.

In general, international return policy is only applicable countries where the shipment is offered. Good takes the time to be return and that time is bound to be affected by an external factor and thus customers have to be patience when dealing with international returns. Additional charges may apply and vary from one place to the other. One must thoroughly enquire about the international return policy before purchase.


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